I’m a collector, I confess. Some of the things I horde collect have been life-long interests, such as my obsession with glass bottles (I’ll have to post sometime about the dream I had as a girl that led me to this obsession). Others are random objects I come across in shops or museums or my parent’s garage. Wherever the object might come from, it usually ends up relegated to the dusty corners of the Word Room because I simply don’t have the time or imagination or space to display it. Plus, as contradictory as this may seem, I prefer the majority of my living space to be “clean & clear”, a rather peculiar trait for a collector such as myself.

Last fall I took one of the coolest, most enjoyable classes I’ve had so far at ASU: Dimensions of Liberal Studies. It’s a required course for my degree but, much to my surprise, I found it completely compelling and invigorating. One of the many stimulating projects we had to complete was to a) pick a modern device/concept/ trend and add it to a virtual cabinet of curiosities, and b) create a concept for a museum of our choosing and what such a museum would focus on and showcase.

Yes, I was in heaven.

As I worked through the project, I became inspired by many different objects and aspects and time periods. And I realized that many of the objects I collect, if displayed, could tell someone a great deal about me. I began to daydream of creating a real “cabinet of curiosities” in my home. Then got busy and promptly forgot all about the idea.

Until today, when I was over at One Lucky Day and saw this:

I drooled. I enlarged the image. I began to get ideas. Ideas of how I could display all my favorite curiosities in a cabinet such as this.

And I revisited previous images of other cabinets I love. Like this one:

(Sadly I have no idea where I got this one.)

(This belongs to Sheryl Crow.)

So maybe, just maybe, I need to talk one of my amazingly skilled friends into creating me a cabinet for the Word Room that could showcase all my treasures. That would display all the odd things I love that just don’t seem to have a place in my home. A place to really illustrate my personality.

Sans skulls.


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