me @ 37

I realize that I’ve neglected my little piece of the internet and didn’t write my annual “me @ whatever frighteningly advancing age I just turned” post last year. What can I say except maybe I didn’t have anything to share. Which couldn’t be further from the truth but it is what it is…

Without further ado, me @ 37…

boxing * baseball * paleo * spending time with the Turners * broken, nail-less toes * converse * Caketini cake pops * public administration * black and white stripes * angel wings * GOTR * thunderstorms * letting go * tattoos * boudoir photos * hiking * kayaking * heavy lifting * overcoming * defying the odds * lemon and honey facial masks * tinted eyelashes * leather * fall * pumpkin anything * traveling * facing the truth * proving my mettle * grace * blue * turquoise jewelry * black eyes

To recap: the last year has been a difficult one, but very rewarding. A new position had me working ungodly hours and fighting to prove my worth and earn my stripes. I struggled, I fought, I bit…and ultimately emerged both humbled and gratified. I’ve crossed a few things off my bucket list (tattoos, Bon Jovi in Vegas, boudoir photos…yikes) and had a darn good time doing it. I’ve risked my heart and had it fractured. I’m still trying to reach a place of peace within myself and suspect that I will always be trying to do so. I’ve had a black eye, a broken toe and surgery to remove a toe nail. I’ve had a health scare that shook me to my core and made me re-evaluate quite a few things in my life. I’ve opened up, been hurt, hurt others, apologized, forgiven, screamed, loved, shared, given, received, healed, broken, surrendered, fought, failed, risked and bled. But above all…

I’ve lived.


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